We can expedite the application and consult with the operation of a new Home Care company.

License application assistance starts at $500.

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Who We Are

Let our staff assist you license and operate your non-medial Home Care company

Our staff has more than a decade of experience working with different companies and helping them start and operate their Non-medical home care companies.

Get Licensed

Our staff will ensure that your application is accurate and complete, including all policy procedure and insurance requirements. We will expedite the application to make sure you reieve your license in a timely manner.

Hire and Train Caregivers

We can help you fulfill all your caregiver requirements including training, registry, TB testing, Fingerprinting by Department of Justice and all other requirements mandated by California Law (A.B. 1217).

Get Clients

Do you have a marketing strategy. Our staff can help you get started with marketing materials, budgeting, and an internet presence.

Operate Your Business

Do you get an office? How do you schedule you employees? We can help you with all the small and large questions growing your company.

What We Do

Do you just need help putting together your application or do you someone to help build your company from scratch?

Our company can do as little or as much as possible including:

License Application

The application process can be challenging and require more time than necessary if you have not gone through the process. We can guide you through the process and make sure you receive your license as quickly as possible.

Initial Company Budgeting and Planning

Do you have questions on how much it costs and how long it takes to start a non-medical home care company. We can meet with you for a few hours and answer any question you may have if you are unsure if starting a new business is right for you.

Employee Hiring/Training

We provide policy and procedure to make sure you meet California non-medical home care laws.

License Survey preparation

Our staff can assist in mock surveys and help prepare your company should the state decide to do a survey on your company.

Employee Hiring and training

We can assist your company, to make sure you obtain and train all new employees up to current Home care law requirements. Also we can help ensure that employees maintain the training and paperwork mandated by the state for all Home Care Aides.


Our company can help design a strategy to help you obtain clients. This includes budgeting and designing marketing materials including brochures, business cards and websites.

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